A simple goal setting tip for maximum success

Today I’ve got a really simple goal setting tip for you. I’m a huge fan of goal setting but one of the things I see time and time again is people set goals and overcomplicate things then end of achieving very little.

So my top goal setting tip for today is KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Honestly, goal setting really doesn’t need to be complicated. People do it all the time and it’s crazy.  So let’s focus on keeping things really simple.

Here’s my Achieve your Goals strategy.

Get Super clear about what’s important to you

If you haven’t already, grab a free copy of my Ideal Business Workbook – This will help you get clear about what success means to you personally.

Also, check out my Simplicity Goal Setting download – In this download, I help you to get clear about what’s important in 8 key areas in your life then set simplicity goals – Simplicity helps to make sure that you always have time and energy for the things that are most important to you.

Write your goals down for the year

It doesn’t matter if when you read this we’re halfway through the year or even in December – These should be your KEY Goals.  The things you really want to achieve this year. These are your goals NOT your to-do list tasks.

Highlight your priority goals

From your yearly goals list, what are the 3 things that are most important to you?  Highlight 3 only.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t work on the other goals, it simply means the 3 priority goals are the goals you work on day in day out, consistently until you achieve them.

Break big goals down into small chunks

Breaking your big goals down into small chunks (smaller goals) helps you stay motivated and the goal feels achievable.  For example.  If you had a goal to write a book 52000 words, this would probably feel pretty overwhelming.  But if that goal became 1000 words per week, well, I think that would seem pretty doable, right?

Create action steps

This kind is kind of the same as breaking your big goals down but with a slightly different approach. Take your big goal, break it down into a small chunk and create action steps that you need to take to achieve that specific goal.  Then give each action step a time frame for completion.


Big Goal for the year – Create 12 new downloads

Monthly smaller chunk – Create 1 new download

Smaller chunk – Outline the key areas for the new download

Complete by (add date)

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Work on your priority goals as early on in the day as possible

I encourage you to plan in time to work on your priority goals as early on in the day as possible – This way you will always have moved closer to achieving your bigger goals.  If you leave working on your goals until later in the day, you are much more likely to put it off.

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Simple Goal Setting – Recap

I hope you’ve found this Goal Setting Tip helpful, let’s do a quick recap.

  1. Get clear about what’s important to you
  2. Write your goals down for the year
  3. Highlight your priority goals
  4. Break big goals down into small manageable chunks
  5. Create action steps
  6. Work on your goals as early on in the day as possible

Wendy xx

If you’re struggling to know what to focus on, I’d like to recommend that you download the free Ideal Business Workbook 

A super simple goal setting tip for maximum success - How to avoid over complicating your goals and set your self up to achieve your goals consistently.

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