5 ways to simplify your life and business

When you simplify your life and business, you free up time and energy to focus on what’s most important to you and what you love the most.

Today, I have 5 tips to help you simplify your life and business.

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Simplicity Quote - In a busy and overwhelming world - Let's do simplicity.

1. Ask the right questions

Look around your home and ask “How can I simplify my home?” or more specifically “How can I simplify this area of my home?”

Think about different areas of your life and ask “How can I simplify this area of my life?”

A few examples to simplify your life…

  • How can I simplify my morning routine?
  • How can I simplify my business day?
  • How can I simplify meal planning, preparation, and cooking?
  • How can I simplify evenings so that we get to spend quality family time together?

2.  Clear your mind of clutter

You can simply take a sheet of paper and write out all the clutter in your mind.  This will clear space to focus on the important things.  See my Clear Mind-clutter video.

You can also try EFT to clear mind clutter.  Check out my EFT and affirmation video.

When you take the time to clear your mind, you will be far more productive and present.

3. Work out what’s really important to you?

In the Simplicity Goal Setting pack, we focus on getting clear about what’s most important to you?  Think about these 8 key areas of your life…

  1. Your physical environment
  2. Your business/career
  3. Health and wellbeing
  4. Personal growth
  5. Finances
  6. Friends and family
  7. Romance/significant other
  8. Fun and recreation

Say YES to the things that are most important to you and NO to the rest.

4. Make simplicity a lifestyle

Creating simplicity in your life isn’t something you do once, instead focus on creating a simpler lifestyle where you create more and more simplicity in all areas of your life to create a life you really love.

5. Small changes make a big difference

When you make any kind of lifestyle change, it’s going to take time.  What I want you to remember though is that small changes make a big difference.  Try taking 10 minutes every day to work on simplifying your life just a little bit more.

5 simplicity tips to create a life you love.

I see so many people rushing through life, completely stressed, giving time and attention to so many things that aren’t really important to them and very little time to the things they love and are most important.  I hope you’ll use these tips to ensure you’re focusing on the things you love the most.

Keep an eye on the YouTube channel for daily Simplicity tips throughout January.

What will you do today to simplify your life?


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