The 3 Best Ways To Avoid Getting Injured At Work

Working on a building worksite is potentially very dangerous. There are accidents waiting to happen everywhere. It’s up to your employer to provide a safe working environment, but there is no way to guarantee 100% safety. Things happen so you have to make sure that you’re also doing your part to stay safe and can avoid needing a building accident lawyer.

This means that you also have to be active in keeping yourself and your coworkers safe and looking to prevent an injury whether it would be your fault or not. Some people don’t concern themselves much with being actively trying to avoid an accident since they feel they’ll get worker’s compensation anyway. It’s always best to prevent an injury since you never know how serious it could be. In this article, we will explore some of the ways that you can keep yourself safe on the job site.

1 – Keep your station clean

One of the most common accidents at work is falling from not having your workspace tidy and organized. If you have a messy work area then the risk is much higher of tripping over something or slipping because the floor wasn’t clean. It’s an accident that is completely avoidable so there’s no excuse for getting injured in such a way.

A worksite or building construction site is full of hazards so not cleaning up your area is adding to the possibility of injury. Make sure to put all of your tools away when they aren’t in use so you are not at risk of stepping on one or getting tangled in the cords.

2 – Wear your PPE

Your PPE or Personal Protection Equipment is there for a reason. On many sites, you have to wear it or you won’t be allowed in. even the executives that visit have to wear neon vests and hard hats.

This means that you should never be at work without wearing some protection. The shoes you are given or required to wear are there for a reason. Make sure to wear all of your gear at all times when you are at work.

This also includes wearing the gear correctly. If you have loose clothing that can be caught in a machine then this is a very dangerous situation that would be avoided if you wore the clothing properly. The same holds true for wearing a helmet the correct way and any ear or eye protection as well.

3 – Always use proper lifting technique

Another very common injury is a strained back. This often happens when people try to lift objects in an awkward way and the muscles get strained or even pulled. This can cause lasting effects and pain for years to come if it is serious enough. On a building site, it is very common to need to lift heavy objects.

Make sure to always use the proper lifting techniques such as asking for a buddy to help and always use the legs to lift.

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