Summer Fun and Teen Driving

As the weather heats up and school bells ring for the last time, parents everywhere are preparing for the chaos that is summertime. With longer days and later nights, your family is in for a wild ride. And if you have a new teenage driver in the family, get ready for a summer of white-knuckled car rides and heart-stopping moments.

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But don’t worry too much. With a little preparation, you can all survive this season with your sanity (and car) intact. Here are a few helpful tips for parents who have a new driver in the house.

Set the Rules

Driving is a privilege and, as a parent, you may have to lay down some ground rules. Since teens are often more rambunctious when they get together in large groups, it’s a good idea to limit the number of other kids you allow in the car with your teen.

Some states may have laws about how many other underage people can be in the vehicle if the person has just started driving. You can base your decision on how calm your teen is and what type of friends they have.

Protect Your Teen Driver

Before your teen takes the wheel, make sure they’re equipped with all the knowledge they need to stay safe on the road. Buckle up, avoid distractions, and always be alert.

It is also crucial for you as a parent to make sure that your insurance policy provides enough protection for your teen driver. Adequate coverage is a must during these years since teens are more apt to get into accidents. Freeway Insurance Reviews show high ratings for helping young drivers find affordable insurance.

Consider Monitoring Apps (Just to Start)

Some apps will notify parents if their teen is texting while driving or exceeding a set speed limit. You’ll get an alert so that you can deal with it right away, talk to them later, or restrict their driving privileges.

Every family is different, and some teen drivers are very responsible. However, during the summer, they might face more peer pressure to speed or drive recklessly. You can decide if an app is necessary or not. It can give some parents peace of mind and makes the teen more accountable.

Follow Up

Take time to have weekly or bi-weekly meetings with your teen. Ask them how things are going, if they’re having any problems, and if you can help in any way. Be supportive during this time. You want your teen to confide in you about any issues they may be having.

Give Rewards

If your teen consistently abides by the curfew you set, obeys the rules of the road, and doesn’t give in to peer pressure, then go ahead and give them a reward. Maybe you can pay for their next tank of gas, or better yet, go out for ice cream together!

Vroom Vroom! Summer Adventures Ahead

Although this can be a challenging time for you and your teen, you can easily navigate it by taking it one step at a time. Following these tips can help you get started with having a safe and fun summer with your teen driver!

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