Speeding Up Client / Business Interaction Using Modern Technological Trends

Businesses are in the market for efficiency. Whatever helps them achieve a better profit margin is fantastic as long as it’s ethical, but at the same time, improving the efficiency and reducing costs to maintain that same profit margin is something that business place heavy emphasis on.

In a majority of cases, this can work in the favour of the client or customer. The less time they have to spend in administrative work to get to their purchase is for the better in their eyes. It can keep them returning to purchase and helps foster loyalty to your firm. Why should a customer have to register with another website to achieve the products you can sell them easily, even if you’re charging slightly more than the competition?

It’s for these reasons that the following smooth and efficient client/customer utilities should be adopted into your firm.

All business owners need to understand the benefits of high-level customer service. If they don’t focus on that task, they’ll often build an adverse reputation. Here are some customer services tips you can put in place today.

Online Live Chat Support

If a customer has a query or support issue, they want to know the answer in a timely fashion. The sooner you can deal with these queries, the sooner they will turn into purchases or repeat purchases. The sooner you answer a complaint with a well thought out and responsive answer, the better your firm will look in the eyes of those complaining. No one likes to wait on the phone for even 5 minutes while waiting to be seen to, so don’t be the business owner who forces your customers to do so.

Many businesses are now adopted online live chat support options, be that through social media like Facebook messengers services, or through an in-house or website hosted means. This can allow your support team to better divide tickets between themselves and have quickly implemented solutions to help solve those complaints or queries.This instant communication can save so much time that you’ll wonder why you used telephone support services for so long.

Smartphone ID Verification

For verification purposes, proving that a customer is of the correct age or demographic for your intended product is important. For example, you might have an online store dedicated to selling wholesale alcohol. You might even run a gambling store or chain online. These firms have a legal duty to ensure those they are selling to are of legal age. Up until now, scanned photographs of passports or driving licenses were required, and it was quite a cumbersome process. If a potential customer wanted to pay for wholesale alcohol online, why would they want to wait instead of driving to the local depot and providing their ID in person to the sales clerk there?

To get around this, Netverify has developed a unique real-time ID scanning and authentication suite, that allows them to prove their identity and send relevant documents within seconds. Enacting this mobile ID scanning software can help your firm tremendously when it comes to abiding by the law and keeping your clients happy and smoothly catered to.

Technology helps us run better businesses, and do so more efficiently and with clarity of vision. Enact these solutions today and your firm will be better off for it, from both your and your clients perspective.


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