Are you setting yourself monthly goals?

If there’s something you want to achieve, either in your personal life or in your business life, I strongly encourage you to set monthly goals.

I have some FREE goal setting worksheets and tips HERE

Here’s what I do and encourage you to do each month.

Monthly goals - Monthly goal setting tips

Add your big goals to the top of your monthly goal sheet.

Add your big goals for the year at the top of your list.  This will help you stay focused and moving toward these.  I have one business goal and one personal goal at the top of my list.  You may want to have a few of your big goals here.  Do whatever feels right for you.  I recommend no more than 5.  You only want your priority goals here.

Review your goals from the month before

At the end of each month run through your goals sheet and transfer any outstanding goals. Yes, it’s nice to have every single thing on your list ticked off but it’s okay if you haven’t, in fact, if you’re consistently achieving all of your goals each month then you may want to step things up a notch.  It may be a sign you’re sitting in your comfort zone rather than pushing towards your bigger goals.

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Check your year goals

Now do a review of all of your yearly goals big and small.  Ask yourself “What can I do this month to move me closer to achieving this goal?

For smaller goals ask, “Do I want to work on this goal, this month?”

Add these to your monthly goals sheet.

How to use your monthly goals

Now you have your monthly goals written down on your worksheet, this will form your base for your daily goals.  I recommend you have them in a folding clipboard.  Keep your monthly goals in front of you. Lots of my goals are related to my business and I work from home, so my goals sheet is at the side of my computer as I work.

Each day I read through my list and write down what I want to work on that day.

Following this system helps you keep on track.  When you know what you’re doing each day it’s easier to stay focused rather than going off down side alleys that won’t lead you to your goal.

Get your worksheets here.

Watch the video on Monthly Goal Setting Here. There are a few extra tips in the video and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out the other videos in the achieve your goals series.

I wish you every success in achieving your goals this month.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what goals you’re working on.

Wendy xxx

P.S If you need one to one support in achieving your goals get in touch.  I have a range of ways I can support you.

Goal setting tips. Have you set your monthly goals?





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