Redecorating Your Office: Why It Matters

We all know how important it is to live and work in spaces that are serene, calm and inspire sharp and decisive thinking. Greater focus than ever before is now placed on the workplace environment as study after study reveals that clean, clutter-free and beautifully decorated workspaces have a direct impact on productivity and creativity in workers. So if you’re not one of the growing numbers of lucky ones who get to work from home, you will do very well to ensure that your office space is conducive to the best possible performance from you or your workers.

This means that if you still have an office to speak of, after everyone has now decided they’d rather work at home, it’s more important than ever before that you give some thought to your workspace environment.

We spend so much of our lives at work and if you happen to work in the type of industry or job where working from home is not an option, then you might as well work in a space that you feel comfortable in. Smooth, clean lines, access to fresh air and natural light, and well-spaced and organized offices, cubicles or work areas are all important elements of the overall environment at work.

Now, if you’re the boss and money is too tight to mention at this point, there are still a few hacks that you can implement right now that are relatively inexpensive or don’t cost anything at all.


You’ll read about this more and more as you’re researching ideas for your office, and it is true in more ways than you know. Cluttered and disorganised spaces are more than just visually appealing, they make mental sense too. Encouraging your teams to maintain organized and clutter-free workspaces has the effect of mental decluttering too. As you clean up your workspace and organise your desktop at the end of the day, you’re also mentally clearing up your thoughts and subconsciously leaving your work at the office.

This practice has been spoken about by world leaders and CEO’s alike. Give it a go, encourage a ‘clean desk’ by close of business policy at your office.


Strategically spacing desks in relation to windows for greater access to natural light, along with spacing chairs, desks and breakout areas with greater care to spatial reasoning also has very positive effects on workers’ mental health.

Stay away from the symphony of beige approach that many offices see to be decorated with. Adding splashes of bright color and well thought out artwork instantly change the mood in your office. Contact commercial carpet suppliers to see what options you have for carpeting your office. Carpeted floors don’t just look great, but the reduction in noise from heels clicking on the floor all day has actually been shown to create a calm environment.

It’s unreal how much subconscious information our brains process every day and not all of this is beneficial. Mental health is finally being treated with the importance that it should be, and workers are taking greater care to ensure a more harmonious and holistic existence – the workspace is a big part of that.

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