Pros & Cons Of Relocating Your Business

This is something you have considered for an extremely long time, yet you’re still unsure if it’s the right decision. You want to relocate your business to a different place, move out of your current location and into a new one. But, what are the pros and cons of this? Let’s find out!

Pro: New business opportunities

A massive advantage is that a new location can open the door to lots of new business opportunities. You may be in a better office in a more popular place, allowing you to network with local businesses and find more clients. Similarly, if you own a retail store, migrating to a more popular location can draw in lots of new foot traffic.

Con: Business downtime

Naturally, during the move, your business can experience days of downtime. Think about it, commercial moving is a lot more complex than residential moving. You have so many things in your current workplace that must be transferred to the new one. Not only that but you may have new things you want to add to the new place because it’s bigger and better. This can mean you miss out on valuable working time, and it also costs a fair bit of money to move elsewhere. The question is, is it worth it?

Pro: More space

Another positive of moving to a new location is that you could get more space. Your current workplace is too small for your current team, making it hard for everyone to be comfortable. As your business grows, the natural decision is to move to a bigger place.

Again, the same can be true of retail stores or restaurant businesses. Your existing location is too small, restricting how many customers can be in there at any given time – and possibly limiting what you can sell. If you move to a new location, you might find a bigger retail unit to allow for larger stocks, meaning more items to sell!

Con: Difficult for your team

Depending on where you relocate to, it can be challenging for your team to adapt. You might be fine with moving to a completely different city many miles away. There’s nothing tying you to this location and you are keen to move for the sake of your business. Unfortunately, your staff might not feel the same way. Some may be unable to move because of family commitments – or they don’t want to move elsewhere. This could mean you have to disband your team and hire new people, which can be both time-consuming (leading to the first con) and financially expensive.

Keeping these arguments in mind, should you relocate your business? Downtime could be worth it if it means you have better business opportunities after the move. Likewise, having more space could mean your team is able to be more productive and your business can improve its performance. Ultimately, the key question is where you are moving to? If it’s nearby, but to a better workplace location, your team should be fine with it. But, if you can’t get your current team to move with you, then that’s a massive problem to try and work around.

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