4 super positive ways to start the day

The way that we start out day is super important – today I’ve got 4 super positive ways to start the day.  Make these a daily habit and just see for yourself what a difference it makes.

When you start your day in a positive way, you’re giving yourself the very best chance of actually having the best day.

4 positive ways to start the day

There are lots of things that we can do to start your day in a positive way.  Some people like to go for a morning run or meditate and these are definitely great ideas.  The 4 ideas I’m going to share with you today are things that you can do first thing in the morning without very much effort at all and have a big impact on your day.

1. Focus on gratitude

Really put your focus on what you’re already grateful for in your life.  I always call gratitude our emotional super power and it really is.  As a law of attraction coach, I teach my clients to raise their vibrations so that they are a match for what they want.  Imagine a chart with the low emotions like anger, sadness, fear, worry at the bottom, then you’ve got GRATITUDE way, way up at the top.  And what I really love about gratitude is that you can be feeling any emotion and you can make that shift to gratitude in a split second.

Watch my Gratitude video for more ideas on adding gratitude to your life.

2. Practice positive affirmations

I absolutely love affirmation and they have long played a part in my life.  One of my favourite affirmations is “All is well in my world.”

A few positive affirmations at the start of the day will help you put your thoughts switch to positive.

Affirmations are positive statements that you can use to support the life you want.

Here are a few example:

  • I am calm and confident
  • I am enough
  • I am successful
  • Every day in every way, my life gets better and better

Create affirmations for yourself that support you.

Also, check out my Affirmations for life and business for even more ideas.

3. Visualize your day ahead of time

It is thought that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish what is real and what images you feed your mind.  When you take the time to visualize your day the way that you want it, you’re pretty much tricking your subconscious mind into thinking it’s real.

The way the law of attraction works is that it draws to you that which you are a match for.  With this in mind, if you visualize the way you want your day to go, and your subconscious mind accepts this as real for you then you are already a match for it.

It also feels really nice too.  You’re focusing on what you want and that’s always a positive thing for you.

A great post to read for more ideas on visualizing is Visualize your day ahead of time, the way you want it.

4. Say something positive about yourself

So many of us say negative things about ourselves.  Even as a life coach, I still occasionally catch myself doing this (old habits sometimes pop up).   So I think it’s probably one of the best things we can do for ourselves to say positive things about ourselves.

Ideally get yourself in front of a mirror and say “I love you” – Again self-love is so important and so many people put this so low down on their life to-do lists.  My advice is to make it a priority.

Other ideas of things you can say to yourself are:

  • Your hair looks nice today
  • You’ve done your make up really nice
  • You look beautiful
  • You’re so kind
  • You’re so smart

I like to look in the mirror and say things as if I’m talking to someone else “You/You’re…”

There’s a saying “If someone tells you something about yourself enough times, you eventually believe it.”

Be the person telling you how great you are.

Over to you

I hope you’ve found my 4 positive ways to start the day useful.

I really, really love hearing from you so go ahead and let me know if you enjoyed these tips and perhaps you have different positive ways to start your day, share any ideas and I’d love you to share this post too.

Have a fantastic week and I’ll catch up very soon.

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Wendy Tomlinson - UK Life coach, business mindset coach, law of attraction practitioner and EFT master practitioner.

4 positive ways to start your day. When you start your day in a positive way you set yourself up for a positive day. Focus on Gratitude, practice positive affirmations, visualise your day the way you want it to be and finally stand in front of a mirror and say something really nice about yourself. Do this every day and just see what happens. Click through for links to help you even more.

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