How to effectively plan ahead for better time-management

Plan ahead for the next day – Make the most of each 24 hours.  Planning ahead is one of my top time-management tips.  People often look for really complicated, hi-tech time management solutions.  The reality is that it’s often the simplest things that are the most effective.  A little planning goes a very long way.

Why Plan ahead for the next day?

Plan ahead for the next day and make the most of your time each and every day.

When you plan ahead for the next day, you will set you up for everything to run smoothly.  You’ll be able to make the most of each 24 hour day.

Your day will be calmer, more productive and you won’t spend time getting frustrated or wasting your valuable time.

More importantly, you’ll end up having way more time when you follow these tips.

6 things to think about when you plan ahead for the next day

Try out these 6 ideas to plan ahead for the next day.  Take your time by adding these new habits into your life.  Ideally, have these 6 tips written down where you’ll see them often as reminders.

1. Plan ahead what you’ll wear

Get your clothes ready, including shoes, accessories and especially your bag if you need one. This will save you valuable time in the morning.  Yes, you’re doing the same thing but when it’s done in the evening it makes life a whole lot calmer, and a calm start to the day is priceless.  Do the same with your kids if you have them.

2. Plan ahead what your meals will be

Ideally, plan your meals for the entire week on a set day each week but especially plan ahead for the next day.  This will save grabbing too much convenience food and ordering out because you’re not prepared.  It also adds to the calmness of your day to day life.

  • Do you need to take something out of the freezer the night before to defrost
  • Pack any lunches as much as possible the night before
  • Check you have all the ingredients needed

3. Plan ahead for any travel

Whether you’re walking the kids to school or have a long commute, plan your travel for the next day.

  • What time do you need to leave the house
  • Do you need specific cash? ~ For parking, tolls…
  • Make sure any travel documents are in your bag, wallet…
  • Make sure you know where your keys are.

4. Plan ahead for exercise time

Planning your day ahead of time will really ensure your day runs smoothly. Follow these 6 tips #timeManagement

Plan in some exercise for the day.  Whether that’s a walk, an exercise class, yoga… Many people say they don’t have time to exercise.  Planning into your day in advance is key rather than just trying to fit it in as you go along.  And exercising does not have to be an hour-long exercise class.  I was watching a video yesterday that encouraged 30 minutes walking each day and that can be done in shorter intervals throughout the day. Watch Here

5. Plan ahead for relaxation time and free time (Yes, really.  This is so important)

We all need time during our day to relax or do things we want to do.  That may be something as simple as taking a relaxing bath in the evening. Plan this time into your every day.

6. Plan ahead time to work on your goals and to do list

Write out your goals (what you want to achieve) for the next day and write down your to-do list.  Focus on your priority goal and the most important tasks first.

Recommended reading – Prioritize your goals in order of importance

Why is it so important to plan ahead for the next day?

Three things happen when you plan ahead for the next day ~ You feel more in control of your life, your subconscious mind supports you and the law of attraction supports you.

Your subconscious mind is incredibly powerful, it’s like a super computer in your head.  When you plan ahead you let your subconscious mind know “Hey, this is how I want my day to go tomorrow!” and your subconscious mind gets to work whilst you sleep to help everything work out the way you want.

The law of attraction is a universal law.  The basic idea is that whatever we focus on we attract into our life. Whatever you put out into the universe, you draw back to yourself.  So when you plan for the next day, you enlist the support of the universe.  I know that may sound a bit woohoo for some of you reading this, but it’s true.  The energy you’ll give out is calm and organized and the universe will support you.

Over to you

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Wendy xx

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  1. Very interesting thank you Wendy it does help if you do forward plan things and I really need to get back to doing it. I have let the planning slip just lately and you have reminded me how important it is. Thank you x

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