Law of attraction business tip – Tell the right story

Today I want to share a law of attraction business tip with you.

Yesterday I was chatting with a lady about her business.  I knew she’d only recently started her business (less than a year ago).  I excitedly asked her “How’s your first ear of business been so far?”

She instantly started telling me how hard it had been and how much of a struggle day to day business is.

Now I did ask and I did want the answer.  I was genuinely interested.

She obviously noticed me frown and said “Sorry, you don’t need to hear about all of my problems.”

The thing is it really didn’t matter to me but the truth is SHE doesn’t need to hear about all of her problems because every single time she focuses on them, she’s actually attracting more and more of the same into her business.

I smiled and asked her if she knew what I do in my business?

She didn’t, so I explained to her that I help people to create a life and business they love.  I told her I was a law of attraction practitioner and I help people use the law of attraction to attract the business they want.

I then asked her if I could share a law of attraction tip with her.

She nodded looking a little unsure about what I was going to say.  This often happens when I mention the law of attraction.  I think people expect me to tell them to start chanting naked in the street or something.

I told her to change her business story

Instead, I simply told her to change her business story.  I explained that the law of attraction gives us what we focus on wanted or not and whilst she keeps telling this story of business struggle, that’s what she’ll get.

I encouraged her to focus on anything that was going well and talk about that instead.

So what would you have said if I had asked about your business?

I want to encourage you to focus on what is working in your business and talk about these positives rather than sharing what’s not going well.

It doesn’t matter what it is, just keep focusing on the positives.  So let’s say you’ve struggled to pay your bills this month, but you have created an email list opt-in meaning you can build your email list of people who are really interested in your business.

You have been to a networking event to share your business and interact with other business owners.

You have made some sales.

I’m not recommending the ostrich method

Now I do want to say that I’m NOT encouraging you to be an ostrich and stick your head in the ground and pretend the problems aren’t there.  Instead, focus on them in a positive way.

If you have an area of your business that isn’t working, get help, learn how to improve it or hire someone else to do it for you.

One of the things the lady I spoke to said was “I don’t know how to get more people into my shop.”

Instead of just focusing on the problem, she can brainstorm ideas, ask people at the networking events what they recommend, ask on a social media group for small business owners,  ask friends and family, what encourages them into a shop.

There’s almost always a positive way to look at things so that you can start to take positive action and start telling a positive story about your business.

Law of attraction business tips

  • The law of attraction gives you what you are a vibrational match for – Think about the business you want and be a match for it.
  • It gives you whatever you give your attention to the most – Put your attention on the business you are working to create, the outcome you want, the clients you want….
  • The law of attraction responds to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the things you say and the things you do.

Learn more and get the law of attraction working for you in your business.Law of attraction business tip - Tell the story the way you wan your business to be.

It’s your business, be proud of it and help it be the business you really want with these tips.

If you really want to get the law of attraction working in your business, grab the Law of attraction business planner.


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