There’s a massive amount of confusion about how the law of attraction works in connection with other people.

Can we make someone do something using the law of attraction?

EVERYONE has free will. So we can’t use the law of attraction to make someone do something IF they don’t want to.

In the video below I give lots of examples and do my best to explain this.

Can I make someone fall in love with me?

Okay, so thinking about free will. it’s important to understand that if someone is open to something happening, yes it has every chance of happening.  However, if the person you want to have fall in love with you is in love with someone else and in a happy relationship then it’s their will for that relationship to last.

If the person you want to fall in love with you hates you and thinks you’re awful, then they would definitely not be a match for falling in love with you.

So for some people the answer to can I make someone fall in love with me? would be yes and for other people it would be a clear no.

Can I use the law of attraction to get people to buy things from me?

This is another question I get asked a lot and yes we can always use the law of attraction to attract our ideal clients and make sales, however, I would encourage you to set a clear intention for your ideal client and the sales you want to make and then relax about it rather than trying to make the wrong people fit what you want.

Get out of your own way and relax, knowing that your ideal clients are there already and all the sales are right there for you too.

One of the key tips I can give you for using the law of attraction is to FEEL as if you already have the things you want and then take away the want.

I realize that may be a bit confusing so let me explain.  You need to know what you want and get really clear about it to start with then you need to be a match for it.  One of the best ways to do this is to imagine (feel like) you already have it and enjoy having it.

Let’s imagine this.  You see a beautiful car in a garage and you say “I want that car.”  That statement “I want…” suggests you don’t have it.

“I love that car.  That’s my car…” suggests it’s already yours.

Law of attraction and free will. Why we can't use the law of attraction to make another person do something they don't want to do. With explanations and examples.

Law of attraction business exercise

Get clear about who your ideal client is.  You can definitely think about clients who you’ve enjoyed working with, traits you like in a client, what their average spend is, how easy the transaction is….

For more ideas get a copy of my Ideal business workbook 

Tip: Don’t take your existing clients and try to make them into your ideal clients (something I tried to do in my early days of business).  Just get really clear about your ideal client.

Now here comes the law of attraction and free will bit.  Your existing clients who are open to being your ideal client will naturally show you that they are a match for you.  Those that are not, just let them go.  Keep focusing on the ideal clients you love to work with.




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