Hiring Ex-Cons: What This Humanitarian Practice Means for Businesses

Many individuals have criminal pasts. Perhaps they acted poorly as a kid. Psychiatrists call it acting out. A child or young adult might have anger issues. As a result, they might steal, act violently, or vandalize school property.

Adults sometimes act poorly as well. Maybe someone drinks and drives, and the police catch them. Perhaps they have an assault on their record, or they committed armed robbery. There are nearly endless criminal offenses.

Alleged criminals need lawyers for their court appearances. Even if they hire one of the best attorneys, though, they still have that blemish on their record.

As a business operator, would you hire someone with a criminal record? If you do, let’s talk about how that might impact your company.

You’re Doing Something that Helps Humanity

If you hire ex-convicts, that’s a great thing to do for humanity’s sake. Former criminals, even those who have gone through a lengthy rehabilitation process, often struggle finding jobs. That’s because many bosses and company owners look at their records and feel they’re not worthy candidates.

Even those who have changed their ways sometimes can’t leave their past behind because they must confront it every time someone looks over their work history and notices gaps or does a background check. These individuals might insist they learned their lesson and they’re law-abiding citizens now, but many employers won’t trust them.

If you’re one of the business owners or operators who gives ex-convicts a second chance, the public might respect you for it when they hear about it. They may applaud your efforts, and your company might see more website traffic and sales. In that respect, this practice may help you.

You’re Accepting Some Risks

At the same time, you must accept some risks when hiring an ex-convict. For every individual who goes through rehabilitation and gets the message, you’ll have someone else who backslides when the temptation becomes too great.

A former thief might steal again, and if they work for you, they may victimize your company. They might steal from the cash register, take items out of the back, or grab anything else they notice that you’re not actively guarding.

Unfortunately, recidivism happens. Some former criminals have such ingrained behaviors that living honestly and not breaking laws becomes very difficult. If you have these individuals on your payroll, you might see their problematic behavior return.

Each Company Owner Must Decide

If you hire someone who’s an ex-convict, that’s a noble action, and it might work out well. The public will learn about your kindness, and your business can see a boost. The ex-convicts you hire might work out well and become exemplary employees.

They might also relapse and start breaking the law again. You must consider whether you’ll take that risk as a business owner or operator.

Every company owner must decide whether they feel okay with hiring ex-convicts. You might also meet each candidate and trust your instincts on the matter.

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