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When you’ve finished using a paper, plastic or cardboard office item, do you throw it away? It’s easy to just toss items in the garbage can without thinking about it. But there are many companies today that offer recycling services for these things. Many of these firms take back your old office items so they can be used again!

Here Are Some Common Office Items That Are Safe To Recycle:


Newspapers and magazines

Some local newspapers have recycling programs for this type of thing. Magazines should be recycled with other paper products at home or place of business. High-quality scrap paper is also okay to recycle if your office uses a lot of that. But be sure to have a reputable waste management company come and take all the recyclable items away.

Junk mail

You can find a place to take back junk mail from the white pages, whether it’s online or in the phone book. Many places have specific bins for this sort of thing, so you don’t have to worry about recycling it incorrectly.

Paperboard boxes

This includes things like cereal and tissue boxes. Some packaging material is recyclable while others are not. So make sure to look carefully before throwing something out!

Catalogues and Magazines

These things should be recycled with other paper products at home or at work. High-quality scrap paper can also go here if you use lots of it in your office.

Water Bottles:

Plastic Bottles

Most of these can be recycled with other plastic products. Just make sure they’re the right kind, and check if your local community recycling centre has a limit on how many you can bring in. If not, take as many as possible! Some good places to get water bottles are from vending machines at work or school or from convenience stores near your home or work.


Corrugated cardboard boxes

Cardboard is more difficult to recycle than most products because it’s made from multiple materials, including paper and a thin layer of plastic on the inside. You’ll want to rip off that plastic before dropping off this item at a recycle drop off location.

Boxboard Boxes

These are the kinds of things that cereal and tissue come in. Some contain plastic windows which can be recycled with other types of plastics. Others do not so make sure to check before recycling them at home or work!


Plastic Utensils

Plastic silverware is something you might take for granted, but think again next time you want to throw it away. When dining out or grabbing something quick from a vending machine, you should always look for these bins.

Water Bottle Caps

Be careful when opening water bottles because some of these caps are recyclable while others aren’t (and many shoppers don’t know the difference). Make sure to rinse them out before recycling them.

Plastic Lids

Many of these are recyclable if they’re the right kind of plastic (usually indicated by a number one through seven on the bottom).

Old Cd Cases

Just like with water bottle caps, you need to check what type of plastic it is first before recycling this item. Then, if it’s clean and dry, simply remove any labels or stickers and recycle as usual.

Disposable Camera Film

Some stores have special bins for people to drop off their old camera film so they can be recycled. You can also find print shops that do this sort of thing too! If you take better care of your office items, you can reuse them repeatedly instead of throwing them away.

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