The Importance of Health and Safety In Your Business

Think about how far we’ve come in the last 100 years. We’ve come a long way even in the last ten – especially when we’re focusing on health and safety in the workplace.

Rules and regulations have been enforced to ensure that we are taking care of those in our employment as well as ourselves.  The more we think about all of the ins and outs concerned with health and safety, the more that we are covering our own backs and avoiding being taken to court.

Do Regular Checks

It’s important to do regular checks to make sure that everybody is adhering to health and safety guidelines within your place of work.

Whatever type of business you own, your main concern should be those who are under your employment. Even if you are passing on the training for health and safety, it should always be of utmost importance in your mind to do at least one visual check that everything (and everyone) is operating as they should at least once a day.

The more regularly you’re looking for mistakes, the less chance you have of things going wrong.

Train Your Staff

Passing on responsibility isn’t offloading your job onto somebody else.  It’s ensuring that they have a sense of duty when it comes to looking out for slips, errors and flouting the rules that have been put into place.

When working in a kitchen or other environment that contains food, the avoidance of following guidelines for just one day could cost you your business if you are being investigated by surprise.

Getting on board with a specific staff trainer such as Croner can be massively beneficial to your company.

Appointing specific people to be the eyes and ears for your business in regards to the health and safety saves you a lot of time.  It’s also a great way to distribute a sense of empowerment amongst your workforce.

It’s a small qualification that they can add to their resume, so you will both be reaping the rewards from it.

Send Employees For Regular Health Checks

Businesses must send employees for regular health checks. Doing so can help identify potential health risks early and improve the overall health and safety of your workforce. When planning employee health checks, there are several things to consider, including what type of check-ups to offer and how often to schedule them.

There are various types of health checks that businesses can offer their employees. The most common are general physical exams, which can help identify potential health concerns within the workplace. Other types of check-ups that may be offered include vision and hearing tests.

You could consider speaking to one of the ok brokers to get advice on an appropriate health check schedule for your employees. Working towards improving the overall health and safety of your workforce is vital!

Be Wise To Dangers

Health and safety isn’t just about the things that you expect to go wrong. Most people associate it with manual handling, the lifting of products and operating heavy machinery.

These things need specific attention, you also need to look more so at the things that are all around you.

Things like your staff sitting at their desks correctly with their computer and chair in the right position so that they’re not hurting themselves over time; a good placement of furniture in your office to avoid accidents. Even things like strapping down wires that have the potential to be tripped over.  Even if you think that nobody in their right mind would miss it – Make it safe.

Outside areas should also be clean and tidy. It is essential that there are no piles of rubbish or disused stock that could cause a hygiene risk or trip hazard to staff or an obstacle to passing traffic. Consider using a grab hire service regularly to remove discarded materials from construction or manufacturing sites to ensure that they don’t become a dangerous problem.

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