Everything in Its Right Place: Making Sure Your New Business Location is the Right One

You might be making an upgrade from your home-based business to a location or you are switching offices, but whatever it is you are doing, you’ve got to determine whether your new location is the right one. When it comes to finding the perfect place, what are the things you need to consider?

Is the Building a Sound Investment?

Lots of people think about the location of the business in terms of getting more foot traffic, but the first thing you need to do is look at the integrity of the building itself. One of the best ways to do this is to get a building survey. Companies like The Survey House can help with building surveys and give you a greater insight into the overall structural components of the building. If you invest in a poor-quality building, you are going to end up spending more money on it further down the line. The building needs to be a sound investment, and you cannot underestimate this.

The Proximity to Customers

Proximity to your customers, to your suppliers, and to access roads are all things that will speed up your proficiency. We all need to make sure that we are doing enough to limit excess steps in a process. Proximity is one of those things that will make life easier, especially if you are running a business that is transporting goods. You need easy access to the main roads, and when you start to think about the life cycle of a product, from the raw materials to reaching the customer, fine-tuning and removing certain steps will make a big difference. If you experience significant delays with suppliers or inventory issues, it could all be down to where you are.


A safe location cannot be underestimated. Safety comprises two key components: the safety of your business and the safety of your employees. A business that is experiencing a significant number of break-ins every year will cause a lot of frustration in the long run. There are things you can do to mitigate this, for example, a high-quality security system, but where your business is based will give you greater insight into if you are causing yourself further difficulties due to many burglars taking a chance on breaking into your business.

Sourcing the Right People

Your recruiting efforts will be easier if you have a more central location or somewhere with easy access to public transportation. Many organizations opt for out-of-town locations, but if it’s not easy to access, you will see a greatly reduced number of applications. You need high-quality employees, so you must find out where they want to work, while also ensuring you have the right office space to bring the talent.

Location is critical to the overall success of your business. It is essential that you make sure your business location is the right one. When making upgrades to your business, you cannot progress to a point where you will regret the decisions you’ve made. Location is so important and you cannot underestimate it.

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