Could A Career In HR Be Perfect For You?

Human resources careers can be an excellent option for loads of people. They represent an attainable job for many graduates, and it’s an industry that spans the globe. Every business with employees will need human resources support of some kind. Therefore, there are loads of job opportunities in this sector, and that’s before you consider the different scale of roles available too.

Could A Career In HR Be Perfect For You?

The central question is; is it right for you? To help you figure things out, here are a few things you may want to know about getting an HR job.

What Jobs Are Available?

There are plenty of different jobs available in the human resources field. The most basic of which is an HR officer. In this job, you serve as a point of contact for employees in an organization. They message you with any complaints or notifications of upcoming absences, etc. Basically, all you have to do is respond to them and make a note of everything. Then, you have other jobs that are more specific and skilled, like a recruitment officer. Here, your work will focus on interviewing candidates and recruiting people for jobs. Obviously, you have management positions too where you’re in charge of an entire HR team. The opportunities are endless!

What Skills/Qualifications Do You Need?

Understandably, you want to know what qualifications or skills are required in this industry. It may please you to know that you don’t have to get a degree through the conventional university route. However, there are human resources qualifications that you can gain online over the course of a year. This is pretty much essential if you want to get some of the bigger jobs in this industry, rather than an entry-level one. As for your skills, then you’re looking at a few generic skills like multitasking, time management, excellent communication, and empathy. All in all, it’s not a hard career to get into when compared to others that require you to study for over 5 years.

How Much Can You Earn?

The wage you earn as an HR worker will obviously depend on the job you’ve got. But, even the entry-level roles are pretty well-paid. You can make around about £25,000, and then this increases substantially when you apply for the more skilled positions. Realistically, it’s a fantastic option for you if you’re looking for a well-paid entry-level career to get your foot on the ladder in a big company.

Why Is A Career In HR A Good Option?

So, why would this type of career be good for you? Well, as just mentioned, you get paid reasonably well for your work! But, it’s also a career path that’s not particularly hard to go down. You don’t need a specific degree, and you can start off low down on the ladder and work your way to the top positions. Plus, there are so many HR jobs out there, which makes it an industry that’s not hard to find work in.


Hopefully, reading this has helped you figure out if a career in human resources is right for you. If it is, then go ahead and start pursuing one right away!


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