If You Can’t, Hire Someone Who Can

The fantastic thing about small business is that almost anyone can set one up. All you really need is have a solid vision, the ability to fund any and all your operations, and be a canvas that is forever willing to learn and adapt. All the other positions are up in the air. It’s great if you are such a person that you thrive under pressure and can work multiple roles at once. But let’s face it, not everyone has this strength within them. So letting go of your ego is one thing that is vital if you’re going to succeed. Although the field of small business is very flexible it’s also very competitive. This is why so much innovation actually comes from smaller enterprises, far outweighing large multinationals. It’s inconceivable that just one person could spin all the plates at the same time and not have one of them smash on the ground eventually. If you cannot do something, do not hold out like you’re in a battle to the death.

Two peas in a pod


When searching for the best candidate to fill a role, there are a few things to consider other than purely qualification. Qualifications are absolutely important, but business isn’t purely methodical. Despite being contacted by people who seem like they’re more than adequate for a role, the unseen is just as important. Consider what their temperament is like, how they will perform under pressure, how they react and communicate with other people, whether they’re fully onboard with your aims, are they a team player or not etc. The driving force behind any successful business is the relationship between the leadership and the workforce. If there is a disconnect at any level, your business will pay the price. Be careful who you hire, and don’t be bowled over by a slick resume.



Oh captain, my captain


There’s no shame in admitting you don’t have the skills or the steel to be the leader on the ground to your own business. Despite being able to deal with people one on one, when you’re commanding a ship full of individuals all coagulating as a group, you can falter. One of the key points of resolute leadership Jozef Opdeweegh mentions is the ability to make decisive decisions. He says “A great leader can make tough decisions and take accountability for subsequent consequences.” If you know you don’t have it in you to lead from the fore, it’s imperative you hire a captain who can. First and foremost they must be on the same page as you are, both in aims and mindset. They must be able to execute crossroad decisions daily and sometimes without your input. This requires an immense amount of trust and belief in their ability, but the right director will have done their research and calculated the risk.


Averting disaster and just staying alive in the cutthroat world of business and trade is the simple but humble goal of many small businesses. You can see why some owners are willing to not stick their neck out for fear of it being chopped off. But let go of your fears, and give them to people who can take your place in the running of your own enterprise.

 If You Can't, Hire Someone Who Can - Business Tip

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