Businesses You Can Start with Just a Truck

A lot of people think that, to start a small business, you need to have a big pile of money, a totally unique and original idea and lots of connections, and although all of those things will certainly help a burgeoning entrepreneur, sometimes all you really need is a truck and the ability to work hard.

Here are several small business ideas that you can set up with little more than a truck to get you started, proving that anyone who wants to can start a business if they have the drive…


Scrap Metal Merchant

If you look at the latest scrap steel prices, you will see that there is potentially a lot of money to be made from selling unwanted metals. If you have a truck it’s easy to start collecting it either by driving around your local neighborhood and asking around or advertising your services via social media and local directories. Depending on regulations where you live, you may also need a license, but other than that, it’s a pretty easy and foolproof way to get started in the world of self-employment.


Mobile Food Truck

If you have a truck and a flair for cooking, then set up your own mobile food truck could be your route into business. Again, you will probably need a license and you will need to meet various health and hygiene regulations, but other than that, with a few modifications to your truck and some recipe inspiration, you can be out serving food in no time. Street food is really popular at the moment, and if you create the kinds of dishes people want to eat, and choose a pitch that gets a lot of footfall it could be quite lucrative for you.


Ice Cream Truck

Staying with the foodie theme, why not transform your truck into a mobile ice cream store? Instead of targetting kids, go upmarket and pitch to adults for festivals. Weddings and other more lucrative events. If you do it right, you could build up a very successful business. I mean, everyone loves ice cream, right?


Delivery Driver

If you have a working truck, you have the potential to set yourself up as a private courier, delivery driver or house mover. Offer your services in local publications, on Facebook and in local directories and it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up work and build a reputation. Then, you can expand by adding another truck and driver to your business, and another, and another.

Do  Walking

Advertise in as many places as possible and use your truck to pick up local dogs and take them on fun walks. If you live in a busy city where there are lots of pets and lots of high-earners, you could do very well for yourself. If you offer other services such as doggy-daycare and transport to and from the veterinarian’s surgery for clients who cannot drive, then you’ll do even better.

As you can see, your truck might just be your ticket to a booming business and a better life!

Businesses You Can Start with Just a Truck

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