Your business is not your life – It’s just a great part of it

I really want you to listen up here – Your business is NOT your life.

Yet when you’re building a business it can often feel like that and you can easily feel that any time away from the business is wasted time or unproductive time.

I know that so many people feel really guilty if they take time off from their business to just enjoy life and I’m here to tell you this is crazy thinking.

Your business is not your life, it should… (oh I hate the word should but it’s needed here). It should just be a really great part of your life.

Your LIFE is happening right now. It’s precious. So are you and so are the people in your life.

I’ve seen so many people spend 30, 40+ years putting everything they’ve got into building a successful business only to get to a point where they realise that they don’t have a happy life to go with it.

Don’t let this be you.

It’s a mentality that says to us: I’ll enjoy life when my business is successful.

With that mindset, that time may never arrive.

It’s not an either – or situation.

You can build a successful business and enjoy your life right now.

I’ve got 4 tips below to help you get a good balance where you really love your life whilst building a successful business.

Remember, it’s not one or the other. Do both alongside each other.

Build your ideal business alongside your ideal life.

Know what's most important to you in business and life - Your business is not your life.

What’s really important to you?

Obviously, your business is really important to you, but what else?  Grab a free copy of the Ideal Business Workbook

Get super clear about your ideal life and then your ideal business.

If like me, you’re very family oriented, make sure you spend plenty of quality time with your family.

If going on holidays are something that is really important to you, work this into your business.  Even if to start with it’s just taking a 2-day break.

I recommend that you definitely take time for your health and wellbeing. I remember someone asking a question on a business forum I like.  She asked what we were all having for lunch and the responses were mostly seriously unhealthy quick and easy options.  For your own sake, make health and wellbeing one of your important things.

Taking time out from your business to do the things you love will benefit you and your business long term.

Another thing I recommend is that you get clear about what you’re NOT willing to sacrifice for the sake of your business.  I remember at the start of my coaching career being told that if I wanted to be successful, I needed to sacrifice time with my family.  I was horrified by this advice.  Yes, this person was a successful coach, but 8 years into my coaching business, I still believe this was terrible advice.  The person was actually specifically talking about spending time with my son.  A business that makes a lot of money but leaves you feeling sad and cut off from the people you love the most is not success (in my opinion).

Note: There is a balance.  Too much time on the things you enjoy and not enough time working on your business is not great but you do need to switch off regularly.

TIP: Once you know the things that are really important to you, use your free time to do these things and say “NO” to all the other time drainers.

Choose where you put your time wisely.

Switching off

I’m not going to be one of those people who tells you, you have to have a switch off point.  The reality is, as a business owner, we rarely fit a set time schedule.

That being said, I do want you to take time off, away from your work daily.  That might mean making it a rule to switch off between 4pm and 7pm to spend time with family and then switch off completely by 10pm

It might mean that you have a complete work free day on a Sunday.

Or, that you only work in the evenings if there’s nothing else going on that you want to do.

I do a bit of a mix of all three of these things – I only work at the weekend and evenings if it fits in with family life and I take a few hours out at least to do some exercise and spend time with my son after school.

I also take 1 full week off from work in the summer and about 10 days over Christmas and New Year.  The total switch off really helps me to stay focused on my business the rest of the year and it helps me gain real clarity – What I want to achieve in the next 6 months…

If you have difficulty switching off try this EFT video – After work tapping to switch off

Also, try the hypnosis downloads audio Relax after work (please note this is an affiliate link – I love these downloads and that’s why I recommend them – This never alters the price you pay).

Be present - Switch off from your business. Your business is not your life. Build your ideal business and ideal life at the same time.

Be present – Whatever you’re doing

Seriously, work on this one.  Be present.  If you’re working, work, be fully present with what you’re doing and focus on it.  You’ll get more done.

When you’re with your family, friends… BE PRESENT.  It’s one of the worst feelings being with someone and you know they’re mind is on work.

Of course, there are going to be times when this is unavoidable.  I’m talking about things like, not spending time with your kids/partner and spending most of that time checking emails, social media.

Make the time count.  Respect the people who matter to you. BE present.

A few years ago, I was pretty much waking up and working until bedtime.  I just about fed my son and got him to school.  Most evenings would be me on the laptop working until the early hours.

Eventually, my son had enough and told me how he was feeling.  He was upset, frustrated and angry with me.  He’d ask me to watch a film with him, I’d agree to that and then I’d work on the laptop whilst the film was on.  This is just one example of me not being present.

Have a think about how you’ve been running your business and how that impacts your family life.

Are you present with the people you love in your life?

Make sure you're getting enough sleep - Your business is not your life.

Sleep makes you more productive

Seriously, get your sleep. I spent a good few years running on fumes – I was exhausted and it showed in all areas of my life.

Then I heard Brian Tracy talk about getting 8 hours sleep a night to increase your productivity.  I remember thinking something along the lines of that’s impossible.  I also remember being so close to tears through sheer exhaustion.  I’d had another argument with my son and I felt ill.  My next thought was, what I’m doing now clearly isn’t working, so I decided to give it a go and no matter what I’d at least have the lights out trying to go to sleep 8 hours before I needed to get up.

The first few days were a bit hard but then as the days and weeks went on, I started to feel better.  I was more focused and I could concentrate better on my work.  I was getting more done, much more in fact and in a lot less time.

I’m not saying that I get 8 hours sleep every single night, I don’t, but most nights it’s pretty close and I know that it greatly improved my productivity, focus, concentration and the way I feel.

It helps you to feel balanced.  When you’re more productive in less time, you will feel fine about switching off and enjoying the rest of your life.

Read Sleep makes you more productive

What do you think, are you getting enough sleep?

Let’s do a recap – Your business is not your life

Remember that your business is NOT your life, it’s a great part of it.

Finding a good work/life balance means you are constantly building a business you love and a life you love.

Don’t ever wait until your business is successful to start building a life you love.

  • Get clear about what’s important – Use the Ideal Business Workbook and prioritise the things that are most important to you.  Say “No” to the rest
  • Switch off – try out the EFT video and Hypnosis download
  • Be present – If you’re spending time with your loved ones, be present and leave work alone completely
  • Get enough sleep – Try getting 8 hours a night and see what happens

Build a business and life you love at the same time.  Your business should ultimately allow you to have the life you love.  That’s real success.

Your business is not your life. Build your ideal business and ideal life at the same time.

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