5 Key steps to achieve your goals

Set goals, take action, go.

5 steps to achieve your goals

I’m a huge fan of goal setting in business and life.

Today I want to share 5 key steps to achieve your goals

Set SMART Goals


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Whilst all of the above aspects to a SMART Goal are important.  For me, the most important things to focus on are your goals being SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE.

If your goal is vague, you’ll get vague results.  If your goal is clear and specific, it’s far easier to know what you need to do to make it happen.

And if you goal is not measurable, how will you know when you’ve achieved it?

Tip: Break your big goals down into smaller goals to keep you focused and motivated.

Create an action plan

Your action plan is key to achieving your goals.  Having great goals written down is powerful, but if you’re not going to take any action, then it’s highly unlikely that any of your goals will be achieved.

What action do you need to achieve your goal?

Make a list and turn each action on your list into a clear and specific step.

Tip: Have your daily action plan in place the day before.  This way you can get straight into taking action each day.

Who do you need support from to achieve your goals?

We all need support in some way.  This could be support from your family and friends to give you encouragement, time, understanding… It may be financial support, a babysitter, a cleaner, someone to help with your social media, a virtual assistant to help with your website, emails…

Support comes in many different ways.  I personally think that taking the time to work out what support you need and getting that support is essential.

Many of us think we have to do everything alone.  We don’t.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need some support in some way.

5 Key steps to achieve your goals

Work on your mindset

Your mindset really does matter when it comes to achieving any goals.  A positive mindset supports you.  A negative mindset will constantly block you from achieving success.

Try out Affirmations – Positive statement such as “I am constantly achieving my goals”

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Try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to release negative blocks connected with your goals and your ability to achieve the goals.

Try Hypnosis Downloads.  I’ve been using these dwnloads to help in all areas of my life for many years.  Check out these Hypnosis Posts.

Hypnosis for business success

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Keep any negative mind chatter at bay.  Fill your mind with positive statements that will support you.

If you feel stuck, simply keep asking “How can I achieve this goal?”  Keep asking until you get your answer.

Now go!  Start taking that action

I know this sounds obvious, but I can tell you that many, many people aren’t doing this step.

Take action every day to move you closer to achieving your goals.

I’d love to hear about your goals

I really hope you’ve found these key steps to achieve your goals useful.

I’d really love to hear what your goals are for business and life.  Go ahead and share your goals in the comments below.




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