When your Site Traffic Goes Down: What’s the Reason?

The importance of converting site traffic can’t be overemphasized. It means your business is booming, and you have a satisfied clientele. However, the site traffic can drastically decrease at times, which signals issues you need to fix quickly. 

First, get a pay per click agency to figure out the cause and develop possible long-term solutions.  As you do this, implement the measures fast before you lose potential customers. Here are some possible causes of declined traffic.

A Recent Google Algorithm Update Has Hit Your Site

A recent algorithm update by Google might lower your search engine ranking, which affects traffic to your site. In other words, if your site is not on the first page of search results, then people will rarely visit because they cannot easily find it.

Site traffic and rankings can go down due to a penalty or when you don’t meet the set standards. Make sure you understand all Google updates and keep your site updated. Also, have different sources of traffic, which makes you less affected by the Google updates. It is crucial that you also build backlinks to your site to increase its visibility.

Lost Links

Backlinking is an essential part of building a site’s organic search engine ranking. However, when links are removed or changed, it can hurt your site traffic and rankings for specific keywords.

It’s essential to keep checking that all the inbound links work correctly. If not, have them removed and new ones added. 

Broken Redirects

If you’re migrating to a new server or launching a new website, it’s possible to experience broken redirects. To avoid this, have a detailed 301 redirect plan you can efficiently execute. As you use the 301 redirects, make sure sitemaps, links, and canonical tags are updated. 

Your Site No Longer Appeals to Your Audience

Although you’ll not notice a sudden decline in traffic, your audience will slowly drift away, significantly reducing activity on your site. Your audience wants engaging, relevant, and fresh content.

If you notice your traffic is decreasing, it’s time to check whether your blog is engaging enough. Also, check whether any other bloggers cover a similar topic that may have more updated information. It would help if you also considered changes that might be needed to get people back on your site, like posting more original content, improving navigation, and adding interactive features.

You Don’t Deliver What You Promise

Understand that your traffic is looking for solutions. The reason they land on your site is that they trust you have answers to their questions. If you don’t have the content they need, or it’s not as in-depth and helpful as your competition, then you’re going to experience a traffic drop quickly. 

Also, check customer experience when interacting with you or your company. Do you offer satisfactory, customer-friendly, and reliable services? One way to answer this question is to check the type of clients you have. For example, do you usually keep one-off clients but have few repeat ones. It shows that the experience wasn’t good enough to convince the clients to come back. 

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