When It Comes to Employing – Don’t Forget the I’s and T’s

Finding the ideal person for each role is integral to running a successful business – but first you must ensure compliance by dotting all of the ‘I’s and crossing all of the ‘T’s before hiring anyone for your organisation. In this blog post we explore why it is vitally important that when hiring new team members you take all necessary steps in advance; otherwise expensive issues could arise down the line from making the wrong choice of hirers.

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Employer Legal Requirements

It is imperative as an employer that you adhere to all the legal requirements in your country when hiring staff. This may involve providing health and safety training or drawing up contracts that meet all employee standards; if in doubt, seeking advice from a qualified lawyer will help guide you through this process.

Long-Term Planning

While hiring new employees is essential in the short term, it is equally crucial that they fit in your company’s long-term plans. Before hiring, take some time to consider their role and whether it fits with the overall vision for your organisation.

Considerations for Growth

Before hiring any new team member, it’s crucial that you consider how they’ll help expand and scale up your business. Do they possess the necessary skills for future roles or can they assume extra responsibilities as necessary?

Review Results

It is imperative that you regularly evaluate and assess results from your recruitment process. Once an employee is employed, it’s crucial that they meet expectations; otherwise it could be beneficial to reevaluate their job description or consider hiring additional team members who better suit your requirements.

Pre Employment Screening

Conducting pre-employment screening such as background and reference checks is vital, especially if hiring people with access to sensitive data or who will interact directly with members of the public. Spending the time necessary vetting potential employees could save a great deal of trouble in the future; medical pre employment screening checks may also be necessary if your work involves hazardous tasks.

Onboarding and Training

Once you’ve hired someone, it is essential to ensure a successful onboarding and training process. This should include providing them with all relevant policies and procedures information and any training needed for their role. A mentor or supervisor could be useful while learning the ropes at your workplace – as well as making sure they’re introduced to other employees so they can get acquainted.

Team Dynamics

Before hiring someone new, you should carefully consider their fit into the existing team dynamic. Is there enough workload space for all, do they possess appropriate attitudes and personality traits for working well alongside colleagues, are their goals congruent with those of your organisation, etc. These are all vital considerations before accepting someone into your ranks. Also if there is already an established leader or manager present within your organisation make sure they know about any expectations for newcomers before welcoming anyone aboard.

Recruiting the right people and making sure they fit seamlessly with your existing team are key components of business growth. Devoting time and resources to screening potential hires, onboarding them with training programs and offering ongoing support will help create an exemplary workforce which can propel your organisation forward.

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