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I was so pleased when Justin Rookyard agreed to join me for a chat to talk about the benefits of using an Insurance broker.

Whilst Justin’s company specialize in Landlords insurance, they do offer most insurance, including business insurance (except for car insurance).

He tells me that there are definitely benefits to using an insurance broker.

Benefits of using an Insurance Broker

Benefits of using an insurance broker (as I see it)

An insurance broker finds out what you need and then shops around to find that for you.

An insurance broker is not usually more expensive.

You’ve got someone in your corner if things do go wrong and you need to make a claim.

Small independent companies like JPR Insurance brokers

I absolutely love to support small, independent companies like JPR Insurance Brokers and as Justin pointed out in the show, they are becoming a dying breed.  We all need to support these kinds of businesses.

Justin explained that what he can offer is personal attention.  You deal with the same person.  And I know from experience how annoying it is and time-consuming when you speak to a different person each time you call.

I think we all want someone who will really try to understand our needs and having someone to get on the phone with and talk about what we need from an insurance broker is priceless.

Cheapest is not always best

In our conversation, we also discussed the dangers of seeking out the cheapest options when it comes to insurance.  I definitely agree that the cheapest is not always the best.

Of course, none of us want to pay more than necessary for insurance.  And Justin talked about how he and his partner in the business can spend the time finding the best cover and also aim to get the price down without compromising on that cover.

We all work hard to build our business, so it’s a no-brainer for me to make sure that the insurance cover we purchase is right for us and having someone to discuss that with and offer advice is a must (in my opinion).

And as Justin pointed out, a conversation is free.  And a good insurance broker can offer you valuable advice.

To contact Justin

Visit the website JPR Insurance Brokers

And if you have questions, as Justin said – A conversation costs nothing. 

I’d love you to share your thoughts on this topic and join in the conversation.  Do you tend to use an insurance broker?  


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Benefits of using an insurance broker.

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