Templates: The Structure You Can Hang Your Decisions (and Life) Upon

In business, the idea of working smart rather than working hard has long been touted, but if we are to do this effectively, we’ve got to rely on the power of templates. A template is such a wonderful thing because it can provide you with the foundation to build upon. It is not just something that can benefit you in business or in work, but let’s show you what the power of a template can really do to elevate you, your company, and everybody else in a professional and personal fashion.

Eliminate the Most Repetitive Tasks

If you are someone who gets bored repeating the same tasks, a template is going to help you increase your focus and energy on better and more important tasks. Templates work to make life easier, and this is why you see templates in numerous forms, not least in CRM systems, and in various aspects of industries, such as the supply chain. The blockchain supply chain documentation tools have become a wonderful method to make processes easier. Of course, we know about making processes easier by using the right tools, but when we are eliminating the most repetitive tasks, this gives us more energy to focus on the things that matter.

A Template to Reduce Decision Fatigue

Running a business means we’ve got a lot of things to think about, and decision fatigue is one of those areas that we should tackle head-on. If you are someone who finds yourself fit to burst at the end of the day because you made too many decisions, you’ve got to learn how to take the stress out of decision-making. This means making things easier for yourself by getting into the right routine.

One of the best examples is Barack Obama, who reduced decision fatigue by streamlining his wardrobe. You might not consider having to wear the same type of clothes every single day that exciting, but when you start to reduce the number of things that you need to think about in other parts of your life, it allows you the energy to focus on the business. Decision fatigue is a very real thing in many parts of our lives. And this is why it’s so important that if you are now at the point where you are building up the business, you’ve got to learn to delegate properly. You can’t make all the decisions yourself, because you will burn out.

The Template for Improving Productivity

There is no one method to improve productivity, but you’ve got to look at the practices in your daily life where you could benefit from streamlining. One of those tasks everybody can’t get away from is writing emails. And this is why if we could reduce the amount of time we spend writing emails, we could focus on other things. If you have an abundance of email templates, this is a great place to begin, especially as 90% of the queries you will know the answer to, and after a while, will have to continually repeat the answer.

If you want to take this one step further, you need to invest in dictation software. If you feel most of your job is sending and replying to emails, this is one of the best ways to truly and make life simpler. Simplifying your life by using this simple program can give you a lot more freedom. Dictating an email on your phone while you’re walking around means that you’ve got a lot more freedom to think, but it also gives you and benefits another part of your life. For example, you won’t feel chained to your desk! And it’s a very little component that can make a massive difference to the quality of your working life.

Building Templates Into Your Life

When you start to determine what level of business success you wish to achieve, you’ve got to start thinking about what ways you can cut down on pointless tasks. One of the oft-spoken fundamentals of saving energy is the Pareto principle, commonly known as the 80/20 rule. The idea that 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort is something you can apply in many parts of your life.

When you apply this to your business practices and realize that the vast majority of the work you complete is just a repetition of stuff you’ve done before, the notion of templates will bust your operation wide open.

A template is not a cheat sheet, but it’s something that should be the foundation for everything you do. Whether it’s making your business more streamlined, reducing your decisions, or making that simple email simpler, the power of templates is something nobody can live without.

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