11 Ways To Make Remote Work Less of A Slog

Some people enjoy remote work because they can manage their time like professionals without anybody breathing over their shoulders.

Other people simply can’t do that, or at least struggle to do it properly. This can make remote work feel like a slog. It can cause bouts of doubt, little motivation, and many other issues in a remote worker’s life.

If you’re remote working right now, whether permanently or temporarily, you’ll find 11 ways to make remote work less of a slog below. 

1. Change Up The Scenery From Time To Time

Keeping the scenery the exact same isn’t always going to be good for your mindset. Swapping the scenery from time to time could help by giving you a little novelty and amping up your motivation.

You could go to work in the library, a coffee shop, even just a different room in your house. Changing up the scenery might seem like a strange thing to do, but it can actually have a profound effect on your mind. 

2. Create The Ideal Environment

Make sure that when you do work from home, you have the ideal work environment.

Make sure you have the software you need for your home office and that you’re using tools that can make your life easier.

Let in natural light, add plants, make sure your chair is comfortable but good to work in, and more.

Make sure this is a place you’re happy to spend hours of your day. Keep it clean, too, as this can have a big impact on not only your motivation but your health. 

3. Take Regular Breaks 

Never feel guilty for taking a break. Regular breaks are so important for productivity and motivation.

If you don’t plan your breaks, however, then you may end up procrastinating and not getting anything done at all.

Make sure you know when each break is going to be and how long you’re going to take a break for.

Some people may prefer to have one longer break, while others might do better with a few short breaks. Knowing yourself and what’s good for you will be a huge help. 

4. Get Dressed 

Don’t work in your lounge wear or pyjamas. You don’t need to put on a full on suit, but you should put some clothes on that subconsciously signal to your mind that it’s time to get some work done.

This will have an effect on your mindset whether you realize it or not at first. 

5. Exercise Before You Start

You might be the kind of person who says they will exercise when they have completed work, only to make a bunch of excuses and run out of ‘time’.

The thing is, if you don’t find a way to make time for exercise, you probably never will.

By exercising before you even start work, you’ll get it out of the way and won’t need to make excuses later on in the day.

You’ll likely experience many other benefits too, such as a clearer head, a happier mood, and better sleep at night. 

6. Get Some Fresh Air 

Make sure you get outside for some fresh air. It might be cold, but we still need sunlight and fresh air.

Go for a short walk, or even just sit outside for a little while. Try not to stay cooped up in the house all day, because it will undoubtedly have a negative effect on your mindset. 

7. Invest In Reliable Tech

Make sure you have reliable technology to see you through your remote work. A good laptop or computer is crucial, as is good software to make your life easier.

A good internet provider is of course, also essential – especially if you’re doing zoom calls all day or something to that effect. Make sure you have what you need to get it all done with ease. 

8. Find Other People and Learn From Them

See if you can find other people who work remotely and learn from them. They likely have many tips and pieces of advice to share. 

9. Know Your Most Productive Hours 

Each and every remote worker is different. To get as much done as you can, you need to know your most productive hours.

Some people work better early in the morning, while others work better in the evening (although this is rare).

Try to avoid saying you work better in the evening just so you can procrastinate for as long as possible before starting work, or you could end up burned out.

By knowing when you tend to get the most done and be the most focused, you can plan in your deep work, and then other work that perhaps doesn’t require as much concentration.

10. Take Time For Self Care

You absolutely must take time for self care if you work remotely. Take a nap if you need one, and make sure you eat properly.

Always make time for self care so that you’re not neglecting yourself for the sake of your work. 

11. Write Down Everything You Do In A Day

If you really want to see where you could improve, start writing down everything you do in a day, no matter how small.

As you go about your day, write down what you do – even when you pick up your phone, and the time you do it.

What isn’t working for you? Where can you simplify your lifestyle? You might see that you’re spending too much time on your emails, or that you’re actually wasting a lot of time on social media.

If you figure this out, you can then set yourself rules to adhere to. For example, no social media until you have completed your most difficult work.

This will be far more motivating than saying you’re never going to use social media again in the week, because chances are, you will. At least this way you have a good rule you can stick to. 

How are you planning on making your remote work less of a slog? Leave your thoughts below!

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11 Ways To Make Remote Work Less of A Slog

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