Giving Your Staff A Little More Personal Autonomy

It’s good to bond your team in the spirit of togetherness and co-operation, but it’s also worth treating them like individuals, because that’s what they are. A great way of achieving this is to help them enjoy a little bit of autonomy from time to time.

For instance, offices generally function better when staff can wear their own smart clothes within reason, instead of having to wear a uniform in a role that isn’t necessarily public-facing. Investing in staff facilities and the means by which they can curate their identity at work means more than simply giving them a name badge, for instance.

But figuring out exactly what utilities will be most appreciated can be hard to gauge. In this post, we hope to discuss those considerations, and potentially provide you a reason for moving forward and achieving this in the best sense. In the long run, it’s almost certain that giving your staff a little more chance to govern their identity and personal preferences when working with you will only make them more engaged and productive. Let’s consider how that’s achieved, below:

Proper Desks With Utilities

It’s healthy to give our staff a proper desk and proper terminal with all the utilities they may need. An open plan can be helpful, but so can giving them partitions which provide them a little bit of privacy. Of course, right now, plexiglass shielding is also a great way to stop the spread of Covid-19. Proper desks may also be defined by how healthy they are to use, for instance, standing desk mechanisms can be a great investment for helping your staff feel comfortable and engaged with their work, undoing the damage of sitting for long periods at a time.

Storage Space

Storage space is a great idea to consider. Consider buying suitable locker storage options for use in your communal area. This can help your staff ensure that they have a space in your premises which is totally and completely theirs, so that they can store their most valuable necessities all day without fear of theft or damage. This might involve work materials, a gym kit for use after their shift, or perhaps a means of protecting their cookies in a building where sweet-toothed hunters seem to roam the halls at night.

Kitchen Room & Use

A great staff kitchen is almost always appreciated, as is having enough refrigerator room to store meals, utilities to heat them up, and of course, means by which to craft refreshments during the day (like having a coffee machine the entire office can use). You’d be surprised just how much morale this can bring, as staff that are able to make sure their essential needs are taken care of, and perhaps being able to indulge from time to time, will almost always make use of that and feel happier as a result.

With this advice, you’re sure to give your staff a little more personal autonomy, and enjoy the benefits of everything that implies.

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