Getting the Word Out About Your New Business

It’s tough enough setting up a new business, what with the paperwork and other essentials details that need to be taken care of. But that’s when your real work – getting people to pay attention to your company – begins. While there are more resources than ever before to get the word out about your new venture, that doesn’t make it easy – or any less intimidating, for that matter. Ready to launch and raring to go?

Try and incorporate our tips below into your strategy. Soon enough, people will follow!

Getting the Word Out About Your New Business


Launch with a Bang


If you’ve put all this effort into making sure your business is just right, then you don’t want to launch with a whimper. You’ll want to launch with a bang and make a statement about who you are and what you’re offering. How you’ll do this will depend on the type of business you have, and whether it’s online or offline. If it’s offline, have an open day for the public, with a few freebies thrown in to entice passersby. Have promotional pens and printing stickers made so people can carry the name of your new business home with them, and also offer snacks, drinks, and some entertainment. People love freebies!


In-Person Networking


Trade shows can be invaluable to your business, provided you plan them right. You’ll be able to talk directly with people interested in your business, meet with other companies, and advertise your product or services. They do require a bit of planning, but their cost-effectiveness means the experts highly recommend them. You’ll be able to compete even with those companies with a much higher budget than your own. Take along those freebies that you had made for your launch too. You can’t arrive at a trade show without freebies!


Internet Success


We’ve so far failed to mention the greatest tool in your chest: the internet. If you’ve ensured that your website’s SEO is watertight, that you’re publishing great content on your social media channels, and that you’re keeping on eye on the latest internet trends, then word about your business will get out. Of course, it helps if you have an intuitive feel for what works and what doesn’t work online, but if you don’t, take a read of some simple ways to market your business online.


In the Community


Your immediate surroundings can be your platform for success, and as such it’s important that you integrate yourself into your community as deeply and quickly as possible. You can do this by doing things like sponsoring local events, supplying kits and equipment for local sports teams, and hosting community days at your premises. A company with the support of the community rarely fails!


Always Be In ‘Work Mode’


And finally: you should always be in ‘work mode.’ It might feel like you’re working all the hours in the day, but if you’re always ‘on’ and always looking for opportunities, then the long hours will eventually pay off.


Wendy Tomlinson

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