Finding Your Spine Is Essential For Success.

Finding Your Spine Is Essential For Success

Here’s one essential for success you’ll definitely want to work on.  

If you’re working for yourself or starting a business, you need plenty of things. You need a personable attitude. You need an understanding of your work and the markets it fits into. You need some business savvy. But perhaps the most important quality of all and one that needs more attention is courage. Call it growing a spine. Call it having some guts. It can make a huge difference in business. Here’s how.

Finding Your Spine Is Essential For Success.

Taking the risk

Striking out on your own requires risk. It is the crux of the whole deal. If you want more of the profit, you take the risk. But it’s not about making rash decisions.

Taking the risks successful people take, as outlined by, is all about finding your goals and working towards them no matter how treacherous the path. It’s about being resilient and understanding that you might have some periods where you’re not making money.

Find your goal to find your courage.

Taking heart

Finding success in the business world might also mean that you have to occasionally do things you’re not entirely comfortable with. It might mean you have to show authority over people or speak in public more often.

There’s no getting around it if you want to succeed. You can prepare for it, however. There are groups specifically dedicated to practicing public speaking, for instance. Just as there are likely charities and organizations in your area that could use your experience, giving you the chance to lead people. Find your confidence and keep pushing your boundaries.

Putting your foot down

In business, the relationship with the client isn’t always an easy road. You’re going to have difficulties and you’re going to have disagreements.

Some won’t be happy with what you’ve done. Some will want to set your prices for you. Some will even refuse to pay, as states.

You have to be willing to say no to unreasonable clients. To stand up for your services. To set the rules of how you do business. Define them early and stick to them.

It might mean your schedule gets lean at times. If you let others dictate how you do business, then you don’t have the control that you want.

Getting back up

Sometimes, of course, you are in the wrong. You fail a client. You mess up an opportunity. You make a mistake that costs you real time and money. You have to have the courage to know that those are coming and that you can get up after.

A great exercise to develop that resilience is to take the opportunity to list your achievements both in the long-term and the short-term. Without that reminder of the good we’ve done; our minds tend to get fixated on the bad. Quell that destructive impulse as soon as possible

Without courage, you might never have the momentum to give it your best shot. You might miss opportunities. Worst of all, you might get walked all over. Find your passion for what you do, the confidence of your ability to do it, and use it as the fuel to find the bold courage you need to take on the world. You can do this.

Finding your spine is essential for success.

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