Cookies & Biscuits: How To Set Up A Cookie Business From Home

There are plenty of ways that you can start a home business, and a cookie business is one of the best out there!

Being able to bake something beautiful and delicious and send it to others to bring them joy is exciting and doing it for money?

Well, you’re looking at a very profitable business venture if you can drum up enough interested business.

The life of a cookier is, however, not for everyone. You will find that there are pressures and demands that other jobs just don’t have.

It’s not just rolling out the icing: you need to learn how to design and ice characters and words, and there is equipment that you need to invest in to be the best you could be.

How to set up a cookie business from home

Most cookiers (that’s the official word!) will spend more time on admin than they will on their actual bakes.

There is a profit to be made here, so you need to ensure that you are successfully managing your business budget so that you can cover all of your expenses.

You will need to consider a lot of different aspects of a cookie business if you want it to be a roaring success, and we have five things that you need to consider when you get started!

Step 1: Think About Your Kitchen

Did you know that it’s the law to have your kitchen certified as one that meets the food standards of the country in which you live?

One of the essential pieces of your business is going to be your kitchen. You need to make sure that your kitchen is registered so that you can register your business for tax purposes, too.

It would help if you had it checked by the local government for hygiene, also, so consider this before you get started.

This means that your customers can be reassured that you are running a proper kitchen, and they’re not at risk.

Step 2: Register As Self-Employed

Most bakers don’t realize that they have to register as self-employed, even if there is no profit to be had.

The moment you decide to start selling your cookies for money, you need to register as a self-employed individual.

You’re a trader, whether you are making thousands or just a dollar a day! Declaring your income is so important to remain a legitimate business that is above board at all times.

Step 3: Equipment

Most bakers know that they need the basics in tins and baking trays. However, you’ll also need to have specialist tools.

For example, First Food Machinery offers vacuum packaging machines, and it’s these machines that can vacuum pack your cookies for freshness.

You can provide a better option for your customers, and you can also keep your designs fresh.

On top of this, you may need a food projector for decorating different designs, and hand tools for cutting designs and making the cookies look fantastic.

Step 4: Costs

As a new baker on the block, you may not have a clue about what to charge people. You may think that a few dollars are even too much, but you need to remember that you are self-employed.

You have to account for the ingredients, but you also need to think about the time you will spend on each cookie and the minutes and hours you want to be paid for.

It may be ingredients made into cookies, but it’s still going to be your time, so do some research into how much people earn for this line of work and set your rate accordingly.

Step 5: Learning To Say No

While you may want to drum up as much business as possible in the early days, you don’t want to undercut yourself.

Saying no to ridiculous work orders is not lousy business practice. Absolutely start on a lower rate of payment per cookie at first while you build your skills, but never take on large orders that you feel over-confident about but don’t pay you enough.

It’s a terrible business practice to undercut yourself from day one, as you’ll be expected to do so going forward.

Step 6: Advertise!

One of the best ways to advertise your cookie business is on social media. You can use the free platform and hashtags to get your name out there.

As you begin to grow, you can build your business correctly and start to get to know your new area of expertise.

You can expand your reach and appeal to those who want to buy delicious, personalized cookies and start your business right!

How to set up a cookie business from home

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