A Preg-preneur: What to Consider When Running a Business While Pregnant

Trying to expand your business while simultaneously expanding your brood may feel like you are purposely trying to bite off more than you can chew, but sometimes life doesn’t go the way you plan. Being pregnant while also running a business is nothing new; there have been many mompreneurs who either opted to start a business while they are pregnant or found themselves expecting while up and running. So, what do you need to consider so you can manage both effectively?

Be as Flexible as Possible

Much like your business, your pregnancy cannot necessarily be controlled in the way you think. You may be hoping for a perfect pregnancy, but the fact is that as long as you ensure that you’ve got everything in place, from the maternity nurse to the delegated tasks, you are doing everything you can, so try and be as flexible and relaxed as possible.

Always Plan for the Unknown

The fourth trimester is when everything goes into overdrive. When you’re pregnant, at least you know where the baby is. Getting through the pregnancy is far easier in comparison to the baby’s first few months, and it’s a good idea to start preparing yourself for those moments when you are not necessarily going to be able to run the business. If you plan on working as soon as possible after giving birth, you will need to schedule everything around your baby’s waking and sleeping hours. You may benefit from changing your routine, which can be tough to adapt to, especially if you’re running a team. But you have to start preparing for these things now, not just for your sake, but also for your employees and clients so they can have the opportunity to adjust their working practices.

Decide if Your Business Can Carry on Without You

So many people think about giving birth as the finishing line, when in fact it is just the beginning. It’s always a good idea to project manage your pregnancy so you can truly look at it from a pragmatic and practical perspective. If you are launching a business while you are pregnant, you’ve got to decide if you plan on taking maternity leave and if the momentum will continue. It may also benefit you to take proper maternity leave rather than a couple of weeks. It’s not just so you can properly recover, but it also allows you the opportunity to bond with your baby before you go back to work. Some mothers think nothing of going straight back to work because they need to keep up with business practices and worry that taking any time off can cause irreparable damage. But you need to decide if you can realistically navigate these things, because your baby is going to be a far longer project than your business ever will be!

The fact is, your life is going to change in so many different ways, and if you have made the leap to running your own business, it could certainly be a massive shock to the system. But ensuring that you know how to navigate it can reap dividends.

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