5 PPC Platforms That Are Picking Up Steam in 2024

If you are looking for a visible and measurable way to reach a wider audience it is a no-brainer to take a look at what pay-per-click (PPC) can offer.

If you are using a PPC agency to help you achieve new levels of penetration one of the first things they will probably tell you is that although Google Ads might be considered the default option, it often pays to widen your horizons for the best results.

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Here is a brief overview of what a PPC platform is and the types of platforms available, plus a look at the platforms that are steaming ahead in 2024.

Firstly, a PPC platform is a digital marketing channel that is designed to help you create and manage a PPC campaign that specifically targets a specific audience. These platforms come into their own when it comes to making the most of keywords and raising brand awareness through increased traffic.

You can use various types of PPC platforms to get the best results. You might use a search PPC platform, for example, that focuses on creating campaigns based on keywords and phrases. You might also decide to create a social media PPC campaign, which is based around interests and relevant demographics.

It is best to talk to your PPC platform provider about how to leverage each different platform in your marketing strategy. Here are some platforms to consider.

Microsoft Ads

Also referred to as Bing Ads, this platform maintains its popularity and competes well against the behemoth that is Google Ads.

What is interesting about Microsoft Ads, for instance, is that internet users over 50 are more likely to use Bing. That is a useful pointer to keep in mind if this is a demographic you are targeting

Facebook Ads

It is also difficult to ignore the obvious allure of Facebook when putting together a PPC campaign.

The world’s most popular social media site maintains its prominence as a go-to solution for many marketers. You have a good choice of ad formats and its pricing structure compares favorably to other platforms.

YouTube is another key consideration

This is another solid platform option. When you consider that it offers you access to an audience that exceeds 360 million users who are aged 18 to 24, you soon start to appreciate the importance and relevance of YouTube when putting a PPC campaign together.

Don’t discount niche platforms like Pinterest

You could hardly describe Pinterest Ads as a mainstream option for your PPC campaign. However, it has more than 400 million users, mainly female, so this could make it a smart choice if it fits your chosen demographic profile.

Linkedin Ads offers a powerful way to reach decision-makers

Last but not least, Linkedin is worthy of consideration, especially if you are looking for a way to reach out to professionals and people who make purchasing decisions.

With an active users base of more than 870 million, it makes a great option if you are looking to do some online B2B advertising.

There are plenty of other platforms that are also worthy of consideration. This makes it hard to hone your campaign to achieve the best penetration at the most cost-effective rate. Talk to a PPC agency about your needs, as they will have the know-how to guide you on the best options.

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