4 Less Obvious Ways To Promote Your Business

Marketing is something that covers a lot of the tried and tested tactics. Marketing your business means going to social media and hitting those areas that everybody knows about, but sometimes we’ve got to find the less obvious ways to market our business. Everything is grist to the mill, but here are some things you should bear in mind.

Go Beyond Google!

We all think about the SERPs on Google, but what about other search engines? The fact is that the Microsoft Ads ecosystem is just as important as Google, and you should not neglect this. When you are considering the best approaches to marketing, so many marketing specialists purely refer to Google as the most important aspect of drawing in traffic, but when you start to neglect those other components, you might very well be cutting off your nose to spite your face! Because when you start to look at the demographics for your products, you may find that they aren’t always using the most obvious platforms.

Go to Trade Shows

We have to venture offline to build a following. The fact is that networking is one of those all-important skills that we need to practice. There are many live events where you can go to discuss what is new in the world, and when you start to leverage relationships you build with similar professionals, you are able to promote your product at these conferences. Of course, if you are working towards getting customers rather than clients, you may want to find other similar approaches to trade shows, for example, local events, but when you aren’t afraid to go offline, you might be surprised how you can grow your business.

Reach Out to Forum Posters

We need to attract people who are more likely to share a service or product. The people who linger on related forums can be a gold mine of information as forum posters are desperate for answers. And you don’t have to spend long on a website like Quora to see that people are asking a wide range of questions that can help you to promote a certain product. This is especially true if you are in more niche sectors. For example, anybody that is focusing on well-being and health can easily find numerous forums relating to keeping fit. If you provide the answers but also a nice little link to your services, you might be surprised as to how much traffic you will get!

Look to a Specific Community

If you want to attract customers it’s about demographics. You need to understand what your ideal customer looks like and when you do this, you can start to create content that is targeted to this community. If you are in tune with the rights community you can promote your business by going viral.

Marketing is not just about the obvious components. Sometimes the obvious components hide more subtle tactics. Whether it is online or offline, there are many less obvious ways to market your business.

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